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Category -- Woodblock Print

Mountain Spirit

Artist:Umetaro Azechi
Description:The spirit appears before a rugged mountain range.on his chest, a large insect sits with feet and feelers raised towards the spirit's large head; there, feeler-like shapes appear between his eyes. He appears to call out, with wide open mouth, his small hands raised upwards. The colors of the Spirit's head relate to those of the creature with which he appears closely aligned suggesting a relationship between them. Azechi has created a most powerful image.

Medium:woodblock print
Condition:Printed image is in excellent condition. Margins slightly toned, contain slight pencil marks from framing. Tape remains on the back, which show lightly through to the front margins.
Image Size:14.25 x 11 inches [approx.]
Canvas Size:unframed
Signed:in pencil
Sealed:in red
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