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Category -- Color Stencil

Ibaragi the Demon

Artist:Yoshitoshi Mori
Description:Referenced on page 63 in Mori Yoshitoshi Kappa-ban: "One of the No plays adapted for Kabuki; confronting the demon Ibaragi, the samurai Watanabe no Tsuna cuts off Ibaragi's arm and clawed hand. Ibaragi, disguised as Watanabe's aunt, then visits Watanabe at his residence and tricks him into showing the severed arm hidden in a wooden coffin. Ibaragi seizes the arm and escapes. The print shows Ibaragi fleeing, clutching the arm."

A dramatic, dynamic print of outsized dimension, based on action-filled folklore that make up the meaty range of subjects of a Mori Print. Mori is a folk-artist in his expression, his stencil technique, his simple natural materials and his use of earthy, natural pigments in keeping with native off-white papers. They enhance the vitality of his robust scenes. (from Frances Blakemore 'Who's Who in Japanese Prints)

Medium:color stencil
Condition:Excellent condition.
Image Size:31.5 x 24 inches [approx.]
Canvas Size:unframed
Signed:in pencil
Sealed:in red
Series:Kabuki Series
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