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Category -- Color Stencil on Hand Crumpled Momigami Paper

The Adoration of the Magii

Artist:Sadao Watanabe
Description:Sadao Watanabe has chose to portray this event using a minimum of figures in an austere interpretation of the Adoration. The three Kings are aligned in a vertical row, distinguished by dress, facial features and by the gifts they present in identical outstretched hands.

Mary, holding the Christ child is seated in a rigid frontal pose, her face is the most prominent feature of the Print; large and foreboding is her look as she stares outward, her eyes black in the whiteness of her face.

In contrast, the Christchild appears relaxed, reaching innicently towards the three adoring visitors.

Medium:color stencil
Image Size:29.25 x 24.5 inches [approx.]
Canvas Size:unframed
Signed:in white: Sadao Watanabe
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