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Category -- Color Stencil on Hand Crumpled Momigami Paper

Noah's Ark - extra large

Artist:Sadao Watanabe
Description:This print is truly extraordinary, a masterpiece of fine, expressive detail, with an intricately crafted design;

Though it is a stencil print, it is so delicately wrought that it reminds of a tapestry; it is distinguished by minute, fine detail in a multitude of design motifs and colors.

The animals, 'two by two', are aligned in six levels, interspersed by a variety of plants, trees and family members, with Noah and his wife at the top of the composition.

Medium:color stencil
Edition:not numbered
Image Size:45 x 26.75 inches
Canvas Size:unframed
Signed:not signed
Sealed:red seal
Purchasing:See Buying Instructions

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