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Category -- Woodblock Print

Winter in Aizu (large)

Artist:Kiyoshi Saito
Description:In this early interpretion of Aizu in Winter, Saito has created a most interesting image; two figures in the foreground are shown from the back, their interesting silhouette clearly offset against the snow. Our eye is drawn deeply into the landscape - its village houses, trees and hills, as we follow a group of people in the distance, climbing upwards on the rising path. Sentry-like, cone-shaped trees appear to form a protective wall on either side. This unique Print is delineated in delicate gradations of different shades of grey, set against the black and white of ground and trees.

Issued:not dated
Edition:not marked
Condition:Excellent; tape remains to verso
Image Size:18 x 24 inches [approx]
Canvas Size:unframed
Signed:in black
Sealed:in red
Special Label:Watermarked: Kiyoshi Saito
Purchasing:See Buying Instructions

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