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Category -- Surimono

Chinese Goddess on flying Crane

Artist:Kubo Shunman
Description:A Chinese Goddess, likely Nu Wa, is one of the Creators of the universe in Chinese mythology. Typically portrayed carrying a mouth organ, (SHO), she rides richly attired on the back of an elegant white Crane. The Print is likely an egoyomi, an early calendar Print. An exquisite image on soft paper with excellent color and silver highlights

Issued:c. 1800
Medium:Woodblock with metallic inks
Edition:c. 1800
Condition:very fine colors state and condition embossing to white feathers of Crane is difficult to discern in the image professional restoration to left margin
Image Size:10.75 X 15.75 inches
Canvas Size:
Sealed:collector or publishers seal in red
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