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Category -- Woodblock Print

Yang Xiang protecting his father from the Tiger

Artist:Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Description:A famous image from the Series, '24 Paragons of filial piety'. Yo Ko at 14 years of age was accompanying his father into the mountains when a hungry tiger leapt out at them. Without thinking of his own life, Yo Ko protectively jumped in front of his father and thus scared off the tiger. Note the dynamic element of 'wind' in this wonderful image.

British Museum Collection, Oberlin College Collection et al.

Condition:very good impression and overall state, some fading of red pigments, a few tiny thin spots
Image Size:9,75 X 14.5 inches
Canvas Size:
Sealed:Wasaka-ya Yoichi
Special Label:Robinson S13.9
Publisher:Wasaka-ya Yoichi
Series:24 paragons of filial piety
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